Friday, November 23, 2007


Saturday, October 06, 2007


hello people,

can you believe its one and the half years since we've met (almost at least)

well, the A's is lurking, but it'll soon be over :))))

last year this time, i remember we had some inbar (is that right) sleepover extraganza

many eyebags from there, but it was one of my best post-exams days

A levels will be over sooon

keeep going guys

and i'll keep you all, as always in my prayers


and for those who are applying to cambridge,

all the wayy toooo

if we ever decide to go back

we have places to stay

ok love love love !

Sunday, April 01, 2007

we've only got a hundred years to live

today was a happy day
because it ended off with a good and rather long conversation with pam
and we talked about soooo many things
and i was begging her to reteach me the meepok man joke

its these times, these conversations, these few moments
that really bring forth the flood of memories that you thought you could bury
Besides the joy, smiles and nostalgia that comes from it, there's a stab of pain that comes from the fact that we stopped having birthday surprises and stopped going out of the way to meet up and then we blamed all these on piles of homework, endless trainings (which i believe is a very a valid reason).
Yet there were so many times i wish i could visit an 'active' blog, or meet up to study even,
but i know now, how hard it really is
but really, i think i'm getting this emotional because of a series of events that happened that reminded me of what i once so loved
and the sad thing is, i'll probably wake up forgetting that i made this post
but for now, and for this moment
yesterday i heated up my dinner, and there was a very mini explosion, like the one we had in cambridge
today i ate meepok for lunch, and my friends and i started trying to recall meepok man
and just a few days ago, miss chua and i met at the staffroom tables, and we talked

let's have an outing soon, shall we?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


recognize this?

girton in snow!

hello everybody

how's school
bet it's the same for everyone
being driven up to their necks with cca and all that crap,
trying to stay abreast of work, trying to score, trying to stay on the surface
and wishing for more time (:
That explains the state of this blog
keep it up guys, still 10 more months or so! :P

anyone, me and chinyue were suggesting a valentine's cum reunion steamboat at someone's place :)
what do you guys think?
any venues to offer? :P
it will be another plan down the drain

have fun guys
school's mad
but we're tougher
often tougher than we think

so all those
training for nats
studying for h3s
practicing for SYF
or preparing for SSEF
and busy with CCA (:

stay strong and healthy
and stick close (this is so pam)


Friday, January 19, 2007

Crystal Jade Dining IN

Shall do it the Liben way...
  1. Crystal suggested Crystal Jade at Vivocity
  2. Chin Yue did the coordinating
  3. Joel and Derrick informed the MJ pple
  4. "Almost all" of the MJ pple were coming at first but in the end none came
  5. And the journey begins...
  6. Clara and Chin Yue left RJ at 6.15pm to meet Jon and Paul at Golden Landmark Hotel at 7pm
  7. Clara and Chin Yue brought Jon and Paul from Bugis to Harbourfront
  8. Jon and Paul were rather flummoxed over the ezlink cards
  9. Jon and Paul arrived safely at Vivocity at ard 7.30pm
  10. Xuhui was very punctual and was waiting outside Crystal Jade even before 7.30pm
  11. The fivesome entered Crystal Jade
  12. 5 pple turned up for a reservation for 12
  13. All of us sat down
  14. Jon and Paul didnt know what to order and asked the rafflesians to decide
  15. 3 rafflesians looked at each other
  16. Chin Yue asked for waitress to request for recommendation
  17. Waitress rattled off volubly a list of delicacies
  18. In which Paul riposted, "sounds good" to all of them
  19. Dishes ordered: imperial soup lobster, steamed garoupa, kailan vegetable, bbq peking duck skin wrapped with cucumber, crispy noodles with duck meat, black pepper beef
  20. Ambrosia!
  21. Chatted non-stop while we ate non-stop as well
  22. Jon and Paul shared their experiences
  23. Several hilarious moments like how Jon battled with the lobster to procure the optimum amount of meat
  24. Crystal arrived after training
  25. Jon, "is ur last name Jade?"
  26. Continued eating
  27. Crystal operated on the lobster
  28. Paul, "u seem to have the potential to be a doctor or maybe even a surgeon but as an epidemiologist, i have to give u one piece of advice: dont do it with chopsticks"
  29. 5 pairs of eyes on Crystal who was engaged in a combat with the lobster
  30. Jon excused himself to the gents
  31. Crystal and Chin Yue sneaked off to the counter to ask to look at the bills
  32. A staggering $367.51
  33. Crystal and Chin Yue decided that as our guests, it is only right that we treat them
  34. Just at that moment, Jon returned from lavatory, "are u guys trying to foot the bills? if so, i would be paying with my card"
  35. "oops, no. just checking the bills"
  36. Confabulated for a while more
  37. Jon, "oh may i know what's the time now?"
  38. Clara, "9.30"
  39. Jon, "oh dear, i need to make a call latest by 10. How about settling the bills now?"
  40. Fleet process: told waitress we want to foot the bills -> waitress walked straight to Jon with the bills -> Jon placed his card on the book swiftly -> waitress went off and came back -> Jon signed -> rafflesians felt bad
  41. Only thing we treated them in the end: french chocolate desert
  42. Jon left the restaurant early to look for internet connection
  43. Paul and we walked ard vivocity for a while
  44. Treated Paul to a cup of latte
  45. Met up with Jon at ard 10.15pm and walked to taxi stand
  46. Extremely long queue at taxi stand
  47. They decided to take train back
  48. Clara sent them back to Bugis as all went home
Conclusion: convivial and epicurean experience as everything went well except that, instead of hosts treating guests, it became guests treating hosts

Friday, December 29, 2006

new year's celebration

i had a dream last night
i was dreaming of you guys
we were in someone's house (mel's i think)
and we were just sitting in a circle playing bridge
the bridge players were liben, clara, mel and me
we were inventing a new kind of bridge called the revolutionary bridge
and there were jokers in that game. it was so scarily real.
then we were sitting in a circle, and we were having a campfire
and it was all dark, we were talking and laughing, all 12 of us

i even heard mel thanking his mom for allowing a campfire in the house
that is the only unreal part-the campfire in the house

but the point is, i never wanted to wake up from that dream
and when i did, i tried to sleep to dream about it again (:
and when i couldnt, i just kept thinking about how to make this dream come true
(although campfire in the house, is way too impossible)
i've made a video about cambridge
and it brought back all the withdrawal symptoms that we had upon coming back
i dunno how can we continue having outings
12 (ok,maybenot) differing schedules..
i dont even have a day off
a day where i dont have to attend lessons, train, or have meetings
and i think it's the exact same situation for you guys

but at least we're stronger than before
and seeing each other in schoool, and "waving like mad cows" (pam) would suffice for now
but let's have a big outing before that shall we?
let's have this blasting time where we do special things together (eechong suggested bowl, i suggest we suggest more besides that)

new year's day (: anyone?

shout yay on the tagboard so i know the response at least yeah (:

lastly, i really do thank God for you guys, really every night without fail.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

hello (:
so we had our christmas party as promised
thank you for turning up!
and bringing food!
its so nice to see like 10 people coming!

NEXT YEAR will be a super busy year
forgive me if i no longer have time or energy to organize outings and surprises (:

thanks again for yesterday
it reminded me of how much i treasure you guys (:

if we still are what we are next christmas
we'll have a better one with the video k (: